Why Did K-Stew Get Kicked Out Of Rob Pattinson’s Holiday Plans?

It looks like it’s going to be a chilly Christmas for Kristen Stewart this year! Despite hanging out with her forgiving boyfriend Rob Pattinson and his family in London this past Thanksgiving, K-Stew has been uninvited from Christmas with the Pattinsons! What exactly did she do?! It’s no secret that Rob’s protective sisters aren’t too keen on their brother’s reunion with his cheating ex. Now it seems that family is getting in the way of the on-again couple spending the holidays together.

A source close to the couple revealed: “They had a meal on Thanksgiving, and it was nerve-wracking for Kristen. She felt very uncomfortable and Rob’s sisters couldn’t be completely welcoming. It won’t go back to normal straight away, even if Rob has decided to try again.”

Yikes! Luckily K-Stew’s family is in L.A. where it’s not TOO cold, even when you’re left in the dust.

What advice would you give K-Stew to get in Rob’s family’s good graces again?