Why Is Justin Bieber Hurling Bottles At People?

It’s not uncommon to hear about show goers throwing bottles at bands during music festivals, but this time it’s a singer who’s throwing them! Justin Bieber is no stranger to haters but this time the Biebs is firing back: he was caught hurling a plastic water bottle in the direction of paparazzi on his way out of a store in Miami Dec. 11th.

It’s not clear what triggered Justin’s bottle tantrum, but it’s not the first time he’s been bothered by the paps: from his bodyguard throwing one down , to his altercation with a pap while on a date with gal-pal Selena Gomez, it’s clear that the paparazzi are not on Justin’s good side. The Biebs should be thankful the police weren’t present this time, either! According to state law, there’s a $50 littering fine and a judge could sentence him to pick up trash or “perform other labor commensurate with the offense committed.”

What do you think sparked Justin’s bottle throwing?