US Weekly Celebrates Keltie Colleen’s Top 5 Celebrity Moments From 2012

It’s been a long road making the transition from Dancer to …whatever I was supposed to do next. I tried many things. I wrote my book which you pick up HERE! I moved my blog over here to Buzznet. I started following bands around with a flipcam and making videos for All that time, I had no idea really, where I was headed. I just wanted to be authentic, I didn’t want to have to be something that none of you would recognize. I started working for CBS and over a year ago, with any job there are highs and there are lows, and being passionate about something means that you will most likely find yourself upset over it at some point. The blessings and memories I have from that job, are endless. I got to see private soundcheck from fun. I got to meet Matt Nathanson. I got to drool over Gavin Rossdale. I got to walk the red carpet twice at the American Music Awards. Little old me?! Crazy. I wanted to encourage you to all follow you dreams, no matter how hard they seem, how difficult it is to believe that they might come true, however many times you totally lose you mind, and your heart. It can happen.

Today I’m celebrating a new job, and to do so US Weekly did a little article on me and the best moments I’ve had in 2012. I would DEEPLY appreciate it if you would read it and then leave a comment on the story page so US Weekly can see how powerful my ARMY really is.

Comment on the US Weekly story page HERE!

I’m in awe of you. xx