VIDEO: Volksbanken Campaign – Wickert Meets Bill Kaulitz

BILL KAULITZ took part on this project while they stayed in Germany and he gave a new EXCLUSIVE ten-minutes INTERVIEW which will be released on December 10 (next Monday) on the campaign website!!!

Berlin – In an interview with Ulrich Wickert says Bill Kaulitz of “Tokio Hotel” after two years of self-imposed media abstinence over the price of freedom, and the tennis player Andrea Petkovic talks about solidarity, and on whom they can rely on when the process does not even , the actor Hannes Jaenicke urges respect for nature and for civic engagement. On 10 December 2012 started a campaign called “Wickert meets …”, for which the agency Heimat, Berlin, has produced on behalf of the cooperative financial cooperative banks, a number of spots in an unusual format. Ulrich Wickert, who represented in 2011 as a brand ambassador, the values of the cooperative banking group meets, now Bill Kaulitz, Andrea Petkovic and Hannes Jaenicke. This created authentic conversations about values that were shot without dialogue script in places that fit the biography of the respective protagonists: Bill Kaulitz in the Master’s Hall of Berlin’s Hansa Studios, Hannes Jaenicke on an old farm in Brandenburg and in Offenbach Tennis Club, where the careers of Andrea Petkovic began. The selection of the three donor interview was conducted mainly along content criteria, but by the choice of the interlocutors are also younger people to be involved in the discussion of values. “We want to show the films that values hold together our society and yet are distinctly personal, very differently and lived. Values play not only for the individual owner an important role, but also for companies. Operative form is since it was founded by social reformer values such as reliability, solidarity and trust in the foreground. This is reflected for example in sustainability and customer-oriented banking operations of credit unions, “says Uwe Fröhlich, President of the Association of German Cooperative Cooperative Banks (BVR). The interest of the cooperative financial cooperative bank of values and how they are now understood by different people will define the campaign: “The prominence of our present party helps the format” does Wickert … “to establish, but we want even more get closer to the people, “announced Marc Weegen, head of brand communications at BVR. Therefore, in the coming year also apply to each of its opinion and its values as an interlocutor for Ulrich Wickert. The campaign, “Wickert meets …” starts on Monday, 10 December 2012 online, the TV and the print Flights start in high-reach environments, then from Monday 17 December. The three interviews with Bill Kaulitz, Andrea Petkovic and Hannes Jaenicke are seen as ten-minute films on the campaign website:

(The man talks about freedom)

Bill: When I think back I know I’ve made it hard. The more people were telling me that I couldn’t come to school with make-up on my eyes the next day I would just make my eyes even darker, and with black hair. If you have people who hate you, you will probably also have ones who will love you.