It’s An Unplugged Night: The X Factor Eleventh Live Show Recap [Episode 22]

Before to rock the eleventh show, Britney and for the very first time her fluffy daughter Hannah, enjoy the Pepsi Pre Show, check out the video:

Tonight everyone fighting for a place in semifinals and two acts risk anything.

It’s an unplugged night plus US people voted for a song the six acts are gonna to perform tonight thanks to Pepsi Challenge. WOW!

Scream & Shout welcomes our judges, awww this is kind amazing!!!!

The first act to perform is CeCe with “Edge Of Glory” by Gaga. Just her voice and the piano.

“You know what you’ve prove that sometimes we get it wrong because I’m starting to become a fan,” says L.A. Reid but Britney has to disagree “at this point of the competition it should be a great performance and it’s good for me!” I definitely agree with Britney, it’s always the same problem for CeCe, even though luckily she came back to the origin singing like in the auditions, she still needs to control her vocals in a better way. And also Simon thinks the girl couldn’t get $5 million contract. “Too much cabaret for me” he adds but her mentor, Demi compliments with her saying is one of her best performance.

If Emblem3 are very predictable as Demi usually says, well she’s too with her comments.

The trio sings on “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars. For L.A. was very good and for Britney it was their best performance. Demi calls it “a downgraded version of the Jonas Brothers five years ago.” Simon calls her comment “incredibly dumb.”

Your thought?

Carly Rose aways kills her performances and makes own the songs, for this week Britney proposed “As Long As You Love Me” by Justin Bieber and the 13 years old girl was impressed by the unexpected song choice but damn, she did an AWESOME job once again.

For L.A.’s taste it was her best performance and Simon is proud to work in USA because of artists like her and Britney is also proud and adds: “Each week you make songs on your own!”

“You sang it better than Justin did,” says Demi. I think if she’s her friend, Justin never talked to her anymore!

Fifth Harmony is one of the acts gave me tons of satisfactions each week, if I was their mentor I would be damn proud of them. They are put together during the competition and immediately fixed and created a perfect harmony even though L.A. didn’t hear the harmonies, saying, ” They should’ve called you Fifth Unison.” This is such a shame because I think they are really great together, five differents vocals but unique at the same time and they nailed “Set Fire To The Rain” by Adele. Can I tell you a confession? I really love Adele’s songs sung by other people, just I don’t like her at all even though she has great vocals but I found her a bit boring.

Simon Cowell disagrees with L.A., calling it “pick on Fifth Harmony week.” and Demi thinks few of them should be solo artists. Poor ladies 🙁

Diamond performes for the second time “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World” by James Brown (the first time was in the auditions).

“That was really different for you because this week you brought attitude and I loooveee attitude,” says L.A. Reid and Demi adds: “I think you pulled it off!” but Simon wished to hear another song choice since she already brought it at the auditions and Britney ends with: “You don’t nailed it, you destroyed it!”

Tate is the last to perform the first round of song with “Livin On A Prayer” by Bon Jovi. MAN, I love that song!!!

“You doing that song on unplugged week is like taking a goldfish for a walk,” says Simon. The fans loved it and chanted “Tate! Tate! Tate!” but L.A. naturally disagrees saying “You did a huge work with this song!”

So it’s time to hear which kind of songs people chose for the top 6.

US public had to vote one of three song choices and the acts decided the outfits, the scenography and all the stuff for giving a perfect performance on public’s choice.

CeCe’s Pepsi Challenge song is “Part Of Me” of Katy Perry. I wanna be boring and repeating myself as Demi does but the problem is always the same.

“If the Princess of Pop sitting right here is saying you did a god job, then you did a good job,” says Demi but L.A. prefered her in the previous performance describing this one like karaoke. TRUE!

I’m not a fan of Emblem3 but when I had to say they sung great I did it but not this time. They were completely off key in the first part, and who says the contrary probably is deaf because it’s pretty clear, and probably is the first time I’m not agree with judges.

“I thought it was a superstar performance,” says Britney while L.A. thinks they nailed it.

Demi prefered it to their first performance and for Simon it was really really good.

“If I Were A Boy” was Pepsi Challenge song choice for Carly Rose.

I have to admit I was pretty tired of this song since in Italian radios and tvs, lately, seemed it’s the only one Beyonce’s song so even though I always loved it, I was like: Damn, once again this song! But Carly Rose once again did an AWESOME performance and I appreciated a lot to listen it!

“I think you’re the definition of the X factor,” says Britney and I couldn’t be more agree with my Goddess. Demi wants to hear something up-tempo even though she loves her phenomenal vocals and Simon advices Carly saying: “Don’t listen a single word of her [Demi]” HAHAHA

“Give Your Heart A Break” by Demi Lovato is Pepsi’s choice for Fifth Harmony and L.A. is surprised because for the first time he heard harmony. AMEN, L.A.!!!!

“I think this song should’ve been your song…I think you guys definitely sang it better than the original,” says Demi. Well, I think there’s no a huge work to do for singing it better than the original, always in my opinion. The performance was fresh and I loved the colors.

“The show wouldn’t be the same without you!” says their mentor, Simon. AGREE!!!

It couldn’t be a better song choice: Diamond performs on Rihanna’s “Diamonds” hit coming down the ceiling in a huge Diamond. WOW!

L.A.: “I really like you and I like the song” but he seems to don’t be agree with the performance. Demi thinks she did it really great and Simon tells the second part was better than the first one and Britney ends with: “This song was made for you!”

Simon thinks this idea of Pepsi Challenge is really good: “I think we should do it more often!”

YEAH, it would be amazing!!!!!

“If Tomorrow Never Comes” is the last song choice performed by Tate.

“Well, welcome back Tate Stevens to the competition…You do remind me of Garth Brooks,” says Simon. “That sounds like a Tate Steven performance!” adds Britney.

The only one, of course, with a different thought is Demi who reveals to be sleepy during the performance: “but probably it’s me. I’m really tired!” she tries to apologize. Damn, Demi! You don’t work in a mine!

I hate to be rude but at the same time I always say what I think and this is it!

“You are back and that’s great!” ends L.A.

So here it is,

Which is your favorite unplugged and Pepsi Challenge performance?