Two Unexpected Eliminations: The X Factor Tenth Live Show Recap [Episode 21]

November 29, 2012

Tonight we’re gonna have another two eliminations and the pressure is really on!

Mario Lopez compliments with Britney’s look: “Brit, you rock that hat!”

Yaaay, she’s fucking gorgeous and it’s a sort of come back to the phenomenal “Me Against The Music” look. WOW!

But it’s time to enter in the show and a video shows what the contestants thought about their performances and about judges critics: Diamond is a bit upset for what L.A. said, Paige was really happy and CeCe felt fierce and strong.

But for one of the acts the journey ends here, right now!

Unfortunately Paige has to leave the competition, this sucks! I love her and I really hope she can find another path in music business, I’ve read on her Twitter that she will go on tour with Vino, I really hope so, love their vocals together.

In this episode we have two special guest performances, one of Josh Krajcik and on of the multi Grammy winner, Alicia Keys, wooow finally a great performance on X Factor stage!

But before Alicia Keys performance we discover which acts go through the next live shows and which have to fight for the survival:

Fifth Harmony, CeCe, Emblem3, Carly Rose and Tate are safe!

Diamond and Vino go to the survival!

Damn this is hard! I never wanted to see them in this situation!

Diamond keeps smile on her face while Vino needs this more than anything.

Good luck guys!

Simon isn’t surprised by Vino but he is by Diamond, he didn’t expect this!

But now it’s time to enjoy a fucking amazing performance by Alicia Keys and her hit single “Girl On Fire”

Diamond vs. Vino

The girl performs on Beyonce’s “I Was Here”

Khloe at the end of the performance says her: I know you gave everything!

Vino, instead, performs on “Trouble”

Judges decision:

L.A.: There are two acts I won’t to see there and you are these acts. I have to send home the beautiful Diamond White

Britney: Both acts did an amazing job but I’m gonna sending home Vino.

Demi: You’re so unbelievably talented. The act I’m gonna send home is Vino.

And as usual, Simon has the final word: “I really like both of these singers” and he always doesn’t find the right words and won’t to send home one of them but he has to “I’m gonna send home Vino!”

Vino greets the audience saying: “Stay inspired! I will not end to play music!” and his mentor is proud of him!

There’s one thing left to do: check out the rankings and see which act got the #1

and for the second times…..

1. Carly Rose

2. Tate

3. Emblem3

4. Fifth Harmony

5. CeCe

6. Diamond

Carly Rose is once again at the top and Britney is radiant: “I’m so proud of you! I can’t be more happier!”

So also for this episode has done!

And there’s just one step closer to $5 million contract and in the next episodes the acts gonna fight for a place in semi-finals!

Enjoy the episode:

The X Factor USA – Episode 21 – S2 [11.29.2012] di BBCTheVoiceuk1

What do you think about the rankings and the double elimination of Paige and Vino?