TONIGHT ‘Warped Roadies’ Hits Fuse & Begins Band Announcements For Warped Tour 2013

Tonight is the night! Warped Roadies will premiere tonight on Fuse giving fans all an inside look at the tour that makes our summers come to life – Warped Tour! Not only will Warped Roadies give fans a look at what it takes to live on the road each summer and what it takes to make Warped Tour – but during each new episode new bands will be announced for the 2013 lineup! ZANG!

Don’t Panic, there’s even more! Fuse will also be holding a Watch and Win contest each week with the chance to win VIP tickets for you and three of your friends to experience this summer’s festivities to the fullest. With the VIP tickets you can go backstage, meet your favorite bands and even catch a glimpse of the Warped Roadies cast in action.

Speaking of the cast, Kenny Leath — the tour’s stage manager and Warped icons, shared that when it comes to Warped Tour the musicians are not always in charge. “People will be surprised to know that the talent, the band, is not always the boss.” He went on to say, “People think the artist would just be out there barking out orders, but they aren’t necessarily on the top of the food chain.” Sounds like this series will have a lot of insight to offer.

Can’t wait to catch the premiere tonight on Fuse at 11/10c! BE THERE!

Are you going to watch ‘Warped Roadies’ tonight?