Tom DeLonge Warns ‘Prepare For The Return Of Blink -182’

Yesterday I confessed my lack luster enthusiasm about Blink-182‘s new song, “Boxing Day.” Like I said, I was just expecting (and craving) something different. However, today Blink-182 has releases a few videos that have regain my excitement about the new EP, Dogs Eating Dogs.

This new trailer showcases some of the music we can expect to hear — as well as Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker‘s thoughts on their newfound passion for a band they once said goodbye to. They all appear to be passionate about what they have made together as well as the talents they all have individually. At the end of the video when Tom said, “I think people really need to prepare for the return of Blink-182” — I had chills. Yeah I am a lame fan, but who cares #musicrules!

Also, this sample of the 5-track EP popped up on YouTube today. Now, this is more like it boys!

The new EP, Dogs Eating Dogs will available on December 18th, exclusively on

Are you excited about Blink-182’s new music?

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