From Thousand Only Three Acts Remain: The X Factor 15th Live Show Recap [Episode 26]

The Top 13, introduced by Simon Cowell, perform Michael Jackson’s “You Are Not Alone” in a heartfelt tribute to the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, CT.

It was really really touching and I advice you to enjoy this performance:

Tonight, December 19 is the first of two nights about The X Factor Season Finale and our three finalists are gonna to perform three times because stakes is really high, once again the winner will get a $5 million contract with SONY and Pepsi will be the sponsor of the music video.

A gorgeous choreography introduces our judges and their finalists and in each hometowns people support their act: Westchester for Carly Rose; Belton, Missouri for Tate and Ally’s hometown in Saint Antonio, Texas for Fifth Harmony.

The first to perform is Carly with “Feelin Good” the song picked up at her very first audition.

“She’s ready to become a huge superstar” says Britney “I see a lot of myself in you!”

“This is a defining moment, and you have to top everything you’ve done, and you did,” exclaims L.A. Reid and Demi adds: “You’re gonna inspire so many young girls like you to follow their dream”

Simon thinks she sung better tonight than her first audition and Britney is proud how her star is brighting.

Westchester’s major introduces today as Carly Rose Sonenclar Day. WOOW This is amazing!

Also Tate sings “Anything Goes” that brought at his audition.

L.A. is great that a career can start at 37 and this means that you never give up!

I’m so agree with L.A.!

“They wanna win [Fifth Harmony and Carly] but I need to win!” says Tate.

Britney compliments with Tate because he always does a great performance while Demi says he “turned that performance into a stadium performance.”

Simon for once is agree with Demi “You are authentic!” and L.A. adds: “You are lovable tonight!”

Simon chose “Anything Could Happen” as song of the series because he thinks it reflects a lot what this competition is and what Fifth Harmony are leaving and once again they killed this song! WOW!

An impressed L.A. Ried notes, “You were the underdogs and now you’re the one to beat. I don’t know what you [Simon] did but the first time I saw them I thought it couldn’t work. I don’t believe they met on The X Factor” DAMN, it’s so right! Their chemistry together is so high and they are freaking talented.

Britney thinks this is the best song choice and it’s spectacularly girly while Demi hopes America votes for them and Simon ends with: “These girls can made it happen!”

It’s the moment for a very special performance for each acts.

Carly starts to sing on “How Do I Live” and LeAnn Rimes duets with her.

I heard tons of bad critic about this performance, LeAnn Rimes drunk even though she said it wasn’t true and other bad stuff; for me this performance was really cool!

Britney calls the performance “shockingly amazing.”

Tate Stevens and Little Big Town take on the country group’s chart-topper “Pontoon.”

“He makes country music proud,” says Little Big Town’s Kimberly Schlapman.

Fifth Harmony and Demi Lovato hitting the stage together for THE X FACTOR judge’s hit single, “Give Your Heart a Break.” Simon begrudgingly admits, “It pains me to say this, but Demi Lovato, you were sensational.”

Demi says it was so much fun and easy to work with the girls.

Last round of performance.

Carly enchantes the audience with “Hallelujah”, this song is one of the most beautiful song ever written and I always cry when I listen it and obviously I did it also this time.

The performance inspires Britney to tell Simon, “You better get out your checkbook.”

It was $5 million song? L.A. answers that’s America’s choice! And Demi thinks she sung like a talented angel

Tate’s $5 million song choice is “Tomorrow”

“I genuinely believe, and I really mean this, in a year’s time we’re gonna be hearing about your record sales,” says Simon.

Britney always enjoys what he does and L.A. is proud Tate’s doing this for his family and thanks his kids for have pushed him to join the competition otherwise we didn’t know about this amazing performer

“Let It Be” was Fifth Harmony’s song choice and they nailed it also this time!

“That was beautiful and you guys are beautiful,” says L.A. “You just come so far I’m really happy for you!”

All the judges seem proud to these five girls and Simon still hopes in a chance for the girls to win the competition.

Which is your favorite performance of this first night of finale?