The “Haylor” Song

This morning Josh sent me a text saying “Ashley Frangipane” created a YouTube parody and it is going viral. I was like wait.. What? I remember her name in specific because I asked her to do a lookbook shoot for By Samii Ryan a while back! But back to the story haha!

Now this adorable lady is going viral with her YouTube Parody “The Haylor Song”. This song pays tribute to the new budding romance between Taylor Swift and One Direction’s Harry Styles. I mean is is genius!

Here are some of the lyrics written by Ashley :

“Once upon a time, once albums were debuted

Haylor was concieved, we panicked and we knew

She’d hurt him, she’d hurt him, she’d hurt him him him him him”

How good? Her song has over 100k downloads and in one day over 11k Youtube video views!! Her song has also been featured on Celebuzz, TMZ, Cambio, & even Ryan Seacrest!

Check out her video and tell me what you think! Do you like “The Haylor Song