Tell Me Why?! Lana Del Rey

I love sitting down with anyone to talk about music and finding some common ground. Last week I had a nice little chat with Drew Beringer from Absolute Punk about some of his favorite shows, albums, interviews, etc. In the midst of pop punk, Warped Tour memories and learning Drew adores Tegan and Sara — I also asked him about his Lana Del Rey wallpaper on his laptop. I had to know if he was a fan of her music, or just her retro pin-up looks.

Because honestly, Lana Del Rey; I don’t get it.

Turns out he is a fan of her music. Drew quickly encouraged me to give her a try. Forget what I had seen on SNL or heard about her in interviews – just listen to her music. I tried. I tired very hard to like Lana Del Rey for a solid 4 hours. I listened to her music, watched her videos and still came up with nothing. So now I turn to you, Buzznet, my faithful music loving family to help me.

From what I have seen on the site, most of you do like Lana Del Rey. You love her style, her music, and her videos – while I find myself rolling my eyes at everything she says.

I had a really hard time with this video.

I don’t dislike her music because it’s sad. I love sad music. I just have a hard time believing in the act she has conjured up. Jesse Lacey of Brand New has written some of my favorite sad songs, but I believe him. With Lana, I feel like I am being fooled by a woman who is just going to break my heart — just to then go write a song about it.

So help me. Maybe I am looking (and listening) at all of this the wrong way. You are all tuned into what is cool and why you love the music you love. So, tell me why I should like Lana Del Rey.

Do you you like Lana Del Rey?

Let’s talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. #musicrules.