Sunday 12/9 Polyvore Style Mood Board

Feeling very earthy at the moment & extremely jealous of all my friends in Miami for Art Basil. Miami is like a tropical paradise to me. You wear a bathingsuit and eat carribean food all day long in the most beautiful atmosphere ever. I have been so busy in past few days this is one of the first times I have been able to sit down. NYC is a whirlwind this time of year, but magical all the same. I feel like im starting this new amazing chapter in my life and everything is falling into place. I only do what resonates with my true self. The things that use to matter are meaningless. I just ate a tray of Greek food in bed and im about to take a long sea salt bath and try out a new banana bread recipe! I will post this week if it turns out as expected.

I saw Argo & Life of Pi this weekend.. both were fanstatic and if you get to a cinama I highly suggest both films! Time is almost moving too fast but im trying to enjoy the NOW. The future and past are just illusions on a duality linear timeline that is going to expire. This moment right now that your reading this is the only moment you should be living in.


Aveda candles, urban ballerina style, rose gold, mint basil tea, soul mates from all walks of life, reconnecting, using my medium brown bag from Bloomingdales for my grocery’s, getting rid of everything in my life physically and mentally that no longer serves me, trying out new recipies, chi tea lattes on cold winter nights, early mornings & late nights, real friends deeper then blood, succulents in tin cans and creating the life you want to live.