A Step From The Semi-Finals: The X Factor Twelfth Live Show Recap [Episode 23]

Here we are with another episode of results and double elimination.

The circle is coming each episode more closer and the adrenaline is always more higher.

As usually we enjoy a little video recap of the previous night with thoughts of acts and judges after the double performance. Someone is happy, someone not. It’s pretty normal.

A huge good luck to the top 6 and we can start the night with a performance of the winner of The X Factor USA of last year, Melanie Amaro. This is the first time I hear something about her and I have to say she has such a powerful voice. She presents her new single “Long Distance” that reaches a standing ovations by judges and audience.

SONY is the record label is gonna to give a $5 million contract to the winner and it’s also one of the sponsor of the competition and contestants use new SONY headphones and in a little promotional video the top 6 explains what means music for them and how good are these headphones.

But now it’s the moment! Judges and their acts walk on stage.

One of the two acts has to leave the competition at the moment and this is: CeCe.

Oh, finally! If Paige was out also CeCe had to be out! So now Demi is out as mentor but obviously she still has to judge the other acts during performances and survivals.

I definitely didn’t understand why Demi had the same leopard print as CeCe, it was kind pathetic in my opinion. It was useless!

CeCe greets the audience and her mentor and leaves the stage.

The three acts are safe in the semifinals are: Emblem3, Carly Rose and Tate.

So Diamond and Fifth Harmony have to fight for the last place in the next episode.

For the girl group is the very first time in this situation and they’re bringing the best they can while Diamond is focused to kill her song.

In each way it goes, it’s a huge loss since both are really great.

Before to listen the survival, Ke$ha performs on her new single.

But come back to the competition!

Fifth Harmony sing on “Anytime You Need A Friend”

While Diamond performs on “I Hope You Dance”:

Now it’s time to judges decision:

Simon congratulates with both acts but has to send home Diamond and of course Britney sends home Fifth Harmony. L.A. adds to Simon’s decision sending home Diamond.

The last word is Demi’s one which chooses Diamond.

The little girl always has a smile on her face and she’s happy after all.

Britney greets her saying: “You’re so young sweety and you have your world ahead!”


There’s still another thing to do: let’s see which is the favorite of America.

1. Tate

2. Carly Rose

3. Emblem3

4. Fifth Harmony

Simon still feels Emblem3 have a chance to win the competition while Tate reaches again the #1 and he’s pretty impressed and moved!

I think the winner is in Tate’s or Carly Rose’s hands but I really would like to see Fifth Harmony in the top 3 too!

What do you think about the double elimination of this episode?

Are you agree with the rankings?