I know what you feel, when you think that whole world hates you…when you feel that no one understands you…when you say that your life doesn’t make any sense…when you don’t want to life… I know where are you now and we can through by it, together.

Often you run away to hurting yourself. I know that by one moment it helps but later you feel just worse. The wounds heal so slowly and pain with fear are biggest inside you. Shame, hate and thoughts of death. You think that you are alone but it’s not true. There is someone who can helps you. You must try.

I drew it special for you. I want to give you something to help you. The drawing “Just breathe” symbolizes life. We sail on the ship and choose directions that follow. When we ship in the wrong direction it we met the rocks. We can overcome the obstacle. When we shop in good direction it we met the island where is so safe. Life isn’t easy but always we can try to change something. Don’t be afraid, just breath and fight.

Fighting with self harm is hard but you can won it. Just please, stop hurting yourself.

What we can to do that stop suffer??

1.If you know someone from family, school or you have good friend(s), please talk to their about your problem. Don’t forget that your parents, teachers was young too and they know what you feel.

2.If you can’t talk with someone, try to contacts with some organization, foundation which can to help you, e.g. TWLOHA or hot line…

3.Try to write a diary, put there your feelings

4.Write poems, stories, blogs, drawing, take a photos- it will make your soul more free

5.Exercises a lot. The body loves endorphins.

6.Eat healthy food and drink mineral water.

7.Spending many time on park, forest- organism needs a pure air to breathe.

8.Watch funny animal movies- the smile on your face will not say goodbye!!

9.Take a relax during day. We are humans and we need it.

10.Love yourself

I hope that these advices will help you a little. Please don’t forget that I know where you are and what you feel. You can change everything always, just try. I’ll believe in you all time.

Love you….