RSVP To Watch A Live Shiny Toy Guns Performance!

Shiny Toy Guns will be streaming an exclusive acoustic show through on Dec. 12 and tickets are limited! Five songs will be performed completely live and equipped with a special L.E.D. light show. To make it extra special for the people who buy tickets, the performance won’t be recorded or aired again.

Last week was filled with other Shiny Toy Gun exclusives.

Guitar Center released a podcast, hosted by Nic Harcourt, where the band talked about their history and performed raw acoustic versions of “Waiting Alone”, “Somewhere to Hide” and “You Are The One” from their latest album III. You can listen to the podcast here.

MTVU also premiered the band’s new music video for their single “Somewhere To Hide”. Lead singer Carah Faye looks fierce and I absolutely love her voice. I’m also in love with how tasteful the synth is. It’s the perfect amount to get you grooving.

Are you going to attend their exclusive online show?

Do you like the new music video?