Risking Anything: The X Factor Thirteenth Live Show Recap [Episode 24]

This is the biggest battle of the season, the final 4 fighting for a spot in the grand finale and this night could change their life forever!

“Requiem For A Dream” theme introduces our judges and we are ready to start!

Tonight, once again, the contestants are going to perform twice: the first song is their persona song choice, the other one is picked up by the mentor for rocking the house!

L.A. Reid introduces his only one act with a cowboy hat on his head, freaking funny!

Tate decided to perform on Craig Morgan’s “Bonfire” because he reminds it of their dearest friends and this is a sort of dedication for them, I think it’s so cute!!!!

Britney breaks the ice with a critic: “I have to say at this point of the competition it had to be your best and I think it wasn’t!” Who said she’s not a great judges and has the balls to say what she thinks?

An impartial and shocked Demi calls it “freaking amazing!” though and Simon compliments with Tate for the song choice saying: “This is the record you wanna make” and L.A. is glad to learnt to listen and also adds: “You put the stage on fire!”

L.A. after Tate’s performance posted this tweet and this pic on his profile:

The lovely @britneyspears may not have been feeling @tatestevensctry but she loved my cowboy hat!

Last week we have seen Diamond leaving the competition, Carly Rose and her were really really close and Carly was pretty sad about her friend which promises her to vote for her!

“Your Song” is the song choice of Carly and Britney is glad about it because it’s also her mom favorite song.

L.A. thinks she picked a very difficult song but he can still feel she wins the competition.

I have to say that I really don’t understand Demi, if you say you love the performance you love it and don’t say after 5 secs that it was predictable or vice versa; I mean be sure to what you’re saying, you are a judge and you have to do your critic bad or good they are. Demi also says: “The r’n’b side of your voice is so magical but it’s still very predictable”

Simon is confused, and it’s not the only one and he calls Carly’s performance “a beautiful version of a fantastic song.” but it’s the first time he doesn’t see any emotion in her maybe because she’s really nervous!

Britney instead feels she’s a huge superstar and she’s proud to be her mentor

Emblem3 whips out their instruments on Peter Frampton’s “Baby, I Love Your Way”, the favorite song of the mother of the two bros of the group (the first two from the left of the photo)

L.A. thinks this performance is their “$5 million moment.”, Britney tells they are grown up so much and finally Demi seems satisfied by the result of the group: “That’s exactly what I was talking about!” Emblem3 are come back and also Simon is proud about it saying this reminded their very first audition.

Fifth Harmony performs Ellie Goulding’s “Anything Could Happen” and let me say it! This is the best performance of the night. I’m so proud of these girls and it was since Monrose I didn’t see an amazing girl group like them come out from a talent show

For who doesn’t know who Monrose are: Bahar, Mandy and Senna were three girls took part to “Popstars” season, a German talent show, in 2006 and they put together in the finale; they released three amazing album I’m proud to have (and the singles too) but unfortunately they decided to take solo career two years ago, in the beginning of 2012 Mandy released her first solo album.

In some way Ally of Fifth Harmony reminds me of Bahar (my favorite member of Monrose which recorded few songs after the break with the group) and I really really love Fifth Harmony, I hope they have a chance in music industry because they need a place in it!

L.A. is proud of the girls saying it’s the very best vocal performance! Britney continues: “I loved everything about that. It was magical!” and Demi adds it was great and she loved the costumes. Simon knows it’s hard for Fifth Harmony to have a place in finale but as the song they chose says: “Antyhing could happen!”

Second round of performance

Tate comes back on stage with his mentor’s song choice: Clay Walker’s “Fall”

In the introduction video we see Tate and his wife celebrating 15th anniversary together, how cute!!! They are such a wonderful couple!!!

Simon tells him “there’s about as much chance of you going back to your old job as there is of me flying to the moon tomorrow.”

Demi thinks his wife is the luckiest girl in the world and L.A. is proud Tate does it great every time

There’s a great news, in 2013 The X Factor come back with new auditions, new contestants, new live shows and a new winner. Five will be the cities are going to give you a chance to show your X Factor and they are: Los Angeles, Charleston, New Orleans, Denver and Long Island.

For more infos check The X Factor official website 😉

For her second performance, Britney chose “Imagine” by John Lennon for her contestant Carly Rose and she thinks it would be a great idea to play it with the piano in the beginning of the performance. Please check out the video and listen Britney rehersing with Carly on the song, her voice is AWESOME!

Carly is a bit afraid about Britney’s decision and she talks about that with her dad.

Simon calls her performance a bit fussy and he thinks this song didn’t deserve so high notes as Carly did. The others loved it.

Well in one hand I have to be agree with Simon, I mean it’s a touching song with really great words and it’s not necessary to scream out loud your potential vocals, from the other hand, Carly made own, once again, this song.

Simon picked “Hey Jude” by The Beatles for second’s Emblem3 performance.

L.A. admits, “I was ready to tear you guys to shreds,” he tells them, referring to them taking on the Beatles. He then relents, “but you guys are teen heartthrobs like the Beatles.”

Demi stops him saying it’s a bit early to compared them to The Beatles and I have to say, for the very first time probably, to be agree with Demi. I’ve never been a Beatles’ fans but they, at least, signed music history; Emblem3 aren’t nobody for now, let’s talk about that in 50 years.

Britney congratules saying: “You take a bow!” and Simon thinks they nailed both songs tonight!

Fifth Harmony adds a little Spanish to Shontelle’s “Impossible”, song already sung during Simon’s house episodes and I think they killed once again even though for L.A. was a bit lazy song choice and Demi and Britney don’t think the girls would be back next week.

Simon thinks the song was the right one and this is the reason why he fell in love with them “I pray America puts you into the finals” he also says.

So it’s your turn guys!

Which is your favorite performance of the night?