Question Of The Day: Something You Deserve For Being Good This Year

Chistmas is coming! It’s time for nog and peppermint mochas and gingerbread everything, right? I have had gingerbread lattes at least 3 times this weekend and I’m not even sorry.


Since this is the time when we all get to talk about stuff like presents and staying warm and cuddles and things, we should talk about why we deserve prezzies and such. I mean, have you been good this year? Do you deserve presents? I always deserve presents because:

  1. I am awesome
  2. I am nice to people (sometimes – which is a stretch but I do it because reasons)

Now that you know why I deserve stuff, let’s talk about what I deserve, exactly. I am actually not even sure. Can I say “peace of mind?” Probably not. Some amazing sleep? YES. A new bed that doesn’t hurt my back? YES. A body pillow? GIMMIE IT. I kind of just want stuff that I can use, tbh. I don’t want things like new Pokemons or DVDs. Not that I wouldn’t take them, I’m just saying.

Now it’s your turn. Hopefully you’ve been good this year so that you can get prezzies. Are you ready to tell me the one thing that you deserve this year for being awesome? YES YOU ARE. Go!

What gift do you deserve this year?

Thumbnail: Dotti