Question Of The Day: So Now What?

Congratulations, people of the planet earth, we didn’t explode, experience a polar shift, or collide with Planet X! This week has been pretty intense and by the looks of it, it doesn’t seem to be relenting. First, the internet exploded when Instagram changed it’s Terms of Service. Now, the NRA is making headlines by proving that they are an out of touch organization that has clearly lost focus on the myriad of problems leading to gun violence. So now what?

Also, “Gangnam Style” became the first video to reach over 1 billion views on YouTube. What a world we live in, right? On the one hand, it is full of traps and pitfalls, so much sadness piled onto stacks of misery and failure. We live in a world where the two puds below can procreate and make awful music and PEOPLE ACTUALLY THINK IT’S EDGY:


Therein lies the rub. We all have different viewpoints on anything under the sun that has yet to send a solar flare through the void of space to fry us all into oblivion. Am I being a Debbie Downer? Maybe. But you know what? All of this stuff, the awfulness, the solar flares, the conflicts and little victories, they are what make this a beautiful place. Strangely, these things gave my sordid existance some sense of meaning and I’ll be damned if I sit here on this rock hurling through space without causing some trouble. So now what?

Since the world didn’t end, what do we do now? What do we have to look forward to? There is your Question for the Dia. What are we looking forward to now that the world hasn’t been blown to pieces? I am looking forward to making things awesome. TBQH, things have been going rather well in recent memory and it’s hella nice. I am looking forward to things getting better. How boot you?

What are you looking forward to?