Question Of The Day: It’s Not Cute When/Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

Today seems kind of weird to ask you for a list of seven things for the armageddon. I am still doing the countdown (in my heart, anyway) and I will do it with this Question of the Day, but you don’t have to. I will just be pleased with one answer from your smiling face.

Don’t do drugs.

On the Twitternets, I saw this fun little trending topic called #ItsNotCuteWhen and that made me think about how I am a gay and my friend and I say “that’s not even cute” all the time. This also made me think about how I ain’t got time for dat.


Let’s talk about this text that I got the other day from this one dude that I was hanging out with but stopped talking to because reasons. The gist of that whole thing was that this dude was/is a flake and that shit is not cute. I mean, if you are busy, just say you’re busy. You don’t have to make all these plans with me and then not show up without even telling me that you can’t make it.

So anyway, I let dude go sit in a corner by himself for a hot minute and stopped talking to him. Last week, he sent me a text and asked if I was mad at him. ARE YOU IN HIGH SCHOOL? You need to stop with all that. I wasn’t mad at him, I just was D O N E. Whatever.


Then, this week, out of noweheresville, dude sends me a text that’s all “YOU MISSED MY BIRTHDAY.” You know, because I totally cared. I was being nice that day so I said “Happy belated.” Like that was it. He then wrote back that he wanted to see me because he’d really like that and I was all LOL NO U NEED TO STOP. This is probably the reason why I am going to die alone. Anyway, NOT CUTE.

To recap:

  1. People older than me that can’t stay true to their word – not cute
  2. People that still pop their collars/make duck lips – not cute
  3. People that flake out – not cute
  4. People that can’t show up to places on the agreed time – not cute
  5. Learning how to crochet – ain’t nobody got time for that
  6. Making a full meal like an adult after work – ain’t nobody got time for that
  7. People that expect me to put up with the BS – ain’t nobody got time for that

Look! It was seven things! I did it! I understand that you probably ain’t got time fot that. Just give me one thing that is not cute or that you ain’t got time for.

Tell em, Sweets!

Tell me your “it’s not cute when” things. Go!