Question Of The Day: Most Used Lies + The Alpacalypse

In my quest to find out when exactly the Alpacalypse would occur, I had to visit Yahoo Answers. I wanted to find out if there was ever a point in time when the entire world shared the exact same day. Sadly, this cannot happen because of science reasons.

Won’t be happening 🙁

The way I figured it, since it is already 21 Friday 2012 in some parts of the world, maybe if there was a point in time where we were all experiencing the same day, we’d all explode at the same time. Seems legit, right?

Meatballs in the sky keep on turning – It’s going to be okay

Speaking of things being okay, let’s talk about this trending topic on Twitter called #LiesToldByGirls. I put the link there because that’s just what I do when I write about things. You probably shouldn’t click it though because that trending topic is pretty awful.

First, all of those lies are things that anyone can tell and well, since it’s Twitter, people just spew whatever nonsense they think is relevant to the topic. I’m just going to leave it at that and be done with it.

It does bring up an interesting point, though. Which lies are you actually used to hearing? Is it the “everything is going to be okay” one? What about the ever popular “I’m fine” one? Are there any lies that people tell that are almost cliche? Is that even a thing? Do I have to ask Yahoo Answers?

I ask a lot of questions. What can I say, I am curious like a cat

So, Buzznet –

Are there any lies you are used to hearing?

tell me things. ILU!