Question Of The Day: Let’s Pretend

I feel like this today:


Nothing is really wrong or anything like that. It’s just, you know, I have this feeling in my rumble tums that is all “DON’T DO IT.” What “it” is, I don’t really know. I wouldn’t be mad at just being in bed right now, throwing chips into my food hole and dusting crumbs off my chest while I roll in said crumbs that are on my sheets.

And so here we are, six days till the End of Times. I can hardly wait. Can we like, stop trying to predict the end of the world already? I mean, haven’t we learned anything from the Jehova’s Witnesses? How many times did they predict the end of the world? Also, why do they get Prince?

That’s not cute. O W8: wrong blog.

Anypoop, let’s pretend. Instead of the world ending, let’s pretend that weird situations in your life are ending. So for me, it would be me working two jobs. I don’t really like doing it but Moo gets mad when I am not home but then I get sad when I don’t have coffee money. WHAT WILL I DO?

So what do you want to pretend is over in your life instead of the end of the world? Tell me stuff and then I wiill love you for a little bit. Go!