Question Of The Day: 9 Albums (Or Artists) For The Armageddon

You! Hey You! There are 9 more days until this mortal coil is shaken at it’s core. What have you been doing? I hope you have been doing things that are worth while, like living and such. Y.O.L.O. Well, unless you are a cat, beacuse You Only Live 9 Times (thx Yasi).


Since today we are talking about artists or albums, let’s look at some preshuz bb’s on record players:

Those are the only ones I could find. Obvs didn’t look hard.

Since we are stockpiling things still, let’s talk about the 9 albums that we’d take to our underground bunkers. You can cheat, too, because I am. I am just going to tell you some artists that I want to have a few albums by as the world comes crashing down around me and I eat canned peas.

  1. Michael Buble – Have you heard “End of May?” JFC that song is me curled up in a ball, in a corner, ugly crying as I shovel canned peaches into my mouth with a camp spoon. I guess some dude in 1D likes this song, but don’t let that detract you from the splendor of the Buble. He is my everything.
  2. Morrissey – Duh. I would drag Bona Drag with me into my bunker of sadness. That almost sounds gross BUT IT’S NOT. One of my fave Moz songs evs is “Disappointed” because you know, reasons.
  3. King Creosote & Jon Hopkins – King Creosote is rad. He was in Porcupine Tree. I listen to Diamond Mine Jubilee while I cook nomz or make coffee and Moo and I dance to “Third Swan” sometimes. Best line from that song – “I cannot live till 95, I want to die whilst I’m alive.” GENIUS.
  4. Olafur Arnalds – Because “Near Light” STILL makes me tear up. It reminds me that there are still beautiful things in the world, you just have to look for them. Like IDEK how a song can be that perfect and full of feels.
  5. For max party times, I would bring some World Inferno Friendship Society into my bunker because they are butts-mazing. Oh and they have a song called “Cats Are Not Lucky Creatures.”
  6. Speaking cat-tastic songs, I usually don’t listen to “Plea From A Cat Named Virtue” because crying happens. This is from a band called Weakerthans and I love them a lot.
  7. I guess because there will always be a part of me that is a small, awkward teen that feels weird about his body and grown up desires, I shall need some Placebo in my bunker. Have you heard “Sleeping With Ghosts?” It makes me think of MiMi and I miss her face. SOULMATES NEVER DIE.
  8. Also, I guess all those feels will make me confused and that will make me feel angry and then I’ll just want to hear some Nine Inch Nails. UGH “Non Entity” is just like, pure amazings.
  9. Lastly, I would take a copy of The Nutcracker OST because it is my favorite piece of music ever written. I listen to it pretty much once a day and I have since I was about 12. It is the best thing ever. It’s right up there with Beethoven’s 7th, but that gets really loud at some point and no. Nutcracker 4 evr. Tchaikovsky was a weirdo but I don’t care. I love the Rat King.

Was this post long enough? Probably. Or not. Whatever. This now means that you can talk about the 9 albums or artists you’d take into your bunker. Remember, this is mostly for play times, since the world isn’t ending or anything. Go!

Which 9 albums would you want to listen to in your bunker?