Never Wear A Band’s T-Shirt When You See Them Live: Absurd or…Just Really Absurd?

There’s this age old rule about what not to wear at a concert. I’ve actually done a lot of research on this just for this blog (I was intrigued and curious) and what I found was pretty ridiculous beyond belief. Apparently, you should NEVER wear a band’s t-shirt when you’re going to see them perform. I’m sorry….what?! I can’t hear you over the stupidity flying out of your mouth.

Who invented this rule?! A hipster? I think it’s the most ridiculous, pretentious thing I’ve ever heard in my life. That’s like saying it’s lame to wear a team shirt to a sporting event. It makes no sense. People even stupidly asked why they can’t wear band shirts when you’re going to see them in concert on Yahoo! Answers. Here are some of the responses, along with what I was thinking while I was reading them. Sorry, I couldn’t resist! 😉

“Think about it this way: Everybody at the show will be a fan of who you are seeing. Wearing one of their shirts will make you look boring and like every other fangirl. You want to stand out and look distinctive in a crowd of sameness.”

– Personally, I go to shows for one thing and one thing only: THE MUSIC! I’m not there to impress anybody and I highly suggest you check your priorities before you step foot in another venue…

“What’s really gay is wearing the t-shirt of the band you are seeing!”

– Ok, you are not cool for using the term “gay” so please stop trying so hard. kthnxbye.

“It’s actually bad ettiquette to wear a concert t-shirt of the band that you are going to see, everyone already knows you’re a fan since you’re there.”

– Bad etiquette? Personally, I think it’s bad etiquette to walk into a concert acting like you know it all and judging people for wearing a band shirt. Grow up, buddy and read this.

“Don’t even wear the band t-shirt OF the band you’re going to see because that’s just tacky.”

What’s “tacky” is you telling people what they should or shouldn’t be wearing at a concert…where it’s dark….and people are looking at the stage. So, ya know….

“The proper etiquette is NEVER wear the shirt of the band you are seeing!”

– Dude, are you the fashion police?

I’ve been to many concerts in my lifetime, and I love seeing people wearing band tees. I think it shows that they’re die hard fans, and I take it as a form of pride and respect. When I saw Garbage this past May, I saw tons of people in their old tour t-shirts from 1996 that I fell in love with. Also, when I saw Owl City in September, there were a bunch of guys in front of me wearing Owl City shirts, having the time of their lives. Those guys made me smile. It’s cool to see things like that. I’d like to take whoever came up with this ridiculous rule and shove them in the middle of a Justin Bieber show where about 90% of the crowd is wearing Bieber shirts. Oh the horror! 😀

Point is: wear whatever you want. There are NO rules. Whoever made up that dumb rule is indeed dumb and they are not cool in any form whatsoever. What’s cool is the fact that you’re there to experience live music. What you wear should be entirely up to you and what you feel comfortable in.

What is YOUR take on this? Do you care what others think while you’re at a concert? Let’s discuss!