The Last Blog of 2012: Kiss It Goodbye

Hello Buzznet pals! I’ve been spending my last few weeks of 2012 in the magical place of VEGAS! I literally never want to leave. Anyways, It’s that time where I say goodbye to 2012 and welcome in 2013. 2012 has been WAY to good to me and to sum it up in one word, i would use Joy.

You see, 2012 was filled with lots of happy moments and also some moments that left me crying in my room for days. I found my voice (writting voice), interviewed out the wazoo, made new friends, got to meet some of my readers, spent some quality time in L.A, watch my parents get married again,Ohhh Warped Tour, got my heartbroken, found a guy I really liked, stopped drinking SODA! might of gotten broken again, Got rejected from a dream job and so on.

In all of this I realized that at each of these little moments, I was filled with joy. No matter how they turned out. I honestly have been laying in bed replaying those little gems of days and I think thats what today is about. New Years Eve is about looking back and realzing that those moments made you who you are. When your done you back them up and say goodbye. P.S I really like you.

I don’t want to compare my new year to my last. I want to start with fresh eyes and an open mind. It’s like, Jan 1st starts a new book and you have 365 pages to make it a good one.

Cheers to a fresh start and another year of blogging! I hope to fall in love, meet new friends, travel and of course find the next step in my career.



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