Get To Know: We Are Serenades

Well here it is folks! My last Get To Know segment of 2012. I hope you’ve all enjoyed the bands I’ve featured this year and that you will enjoy this one as well!

Today’s band is We Are Serenades. Let’s get to know them!

We Are Serenades is an indie/synth duo consisting of Adam Olenius and Markus Krunegard. Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, We Are Serenades are signed to Cherrytree/Interscope Records. Adam Olenius started his musical career with his band Shout Out Louds. Markus Krunegard began his musical career with his band Laakso. The duo’s relationship began in between touring, and it ultimately led to them writing songs over the phone. In winter of 2010/2011, Olenius and Krunegard started recording in the studio for two months, and then released their debut album Criminal Heaven.

Criminal Heaven consists of 10 songs about the changing of the seasons and “a common infatuation with nature”, stemming from both Olenius and Krunegard’s upbringing in northern Finland and Sweden. The album was officially released in the US in April of 2012.

Check out a mini playlist of 3 of their most incredible songs from Criminal Heaven featuring “Come Home,” which has a lovely Christmasy feel for this time of year!

What do you think of We Are Serenades?

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