KELT-MAS Giveaway: Sugar & Bruno T-Shirt

Hey darling nerdburgers!

As promised, this month will be filled with all kinds of pressies + freebies. The first one starts NOW on the 6th day of KELT-MAS!

I’m honored and in love with one of my favorite hats, clothing designer. My collection with mega cool dance retailer Sugar and Bruno is 5 years old this year, and it’s been crazy successful, and I love it everyday. I basically get to design my own closet, everything is designed by me, I pick out the colors, fabrics and fonts, it’s so fun. Mostly, my favorite part is watching you guys rock it and tweet me photos. (that makes me really happy!)

So, I am giving away my very favorite tee shirt from my latest collection, called the Stay Up Late Tee, in whatever size you wish! Entering is easy, you just have to hop over to INSTAGRAM and complete the following instructions:

I’m going to randomly pick the person who comments on the photo +++++++ has done all the steps below. It’s totally FREE!

Go! now! enter! and have fun….much more to come!