Instead Of A New Year’s Resolution Create An Action Plan

New Years Eve is only a few days away. I have always loved the idea of making a theme or goal for the year, although it is just another date. For some reason it moves us to change things about us we feel no longer suit our best intentions, or attempt to atleast.

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS are great don’t get me wrong. I prefer to make more of an action plan though. One for career and one for personal life. I include collages, dream / mood / visual boards, notes, lists… everything to keep me on track and to stay motivated.

Im going to be working on mine over the next week, I will post little peaks of them them once they are done to give you an idea, although these thigns are very sacred and personal to me. I feel you should keep them in an area you will see them daily.. but maybe everyone else won’t. Think bathroom, office, desk, closet, on back of doors…

LISTS are so important for this. I make a year – 1/2 year and monthly goals lists. (I make these last few days of every previous month, example Dec 29th I will make January’s monthy goal list) Each one is realistic without compromising my dreams!

Examples of things I would put on my MONTHLY goal list. I cross them off as I finish, so you kinda have a dealine and try to accomplish as much as possible before the end of the 4 weeks. This alone keeps me on track, busy and motivated.


repaint wall in office

– enroll in new yoga course

– walk 2 miles 3x a week

– de clutter my office

– donate clothing

– try out 3 new recipies

– help 2 get kittens adopted

– start planting my vegi garden seedlings indoors


– launch crystal cactus shop

– create new packaging

– shoot 2 magazine editorials

– book a camapign

– add new clothing to audrey’s closet

– book work in LA

– meet with a sample production company

– finish my spring graphic designs

– blog about 4 personal favorite products

– interview and hire a shipping paid intern

– get 10,000 new instagram followers

These are just random examples of things i may have on my lists! I also like to make specific mood/vision board.. I don’t do this monthly but for overall 6 months to a year or for a project. I may make a mood vision board for a clothing line venture, personal life or my over all life goals. Just make sure you write under the photos what you want to manifest so the universe hears it LOUD AND CLEAR!


I hope this helps you kick off 2013 to exactly the year you are dreaming of!