Instagram Implodes & The Question Of The Day

Today on the internet, everyone is upset at Instagram. According to their new Terms of Service, after 16 January, they can sell your images to advertisers and stuff. I haven’t really looked into but a lot of people are angry and leaving Instagram. My face is sad. I’ve interacted with some pretty neat people on there and now they are leaving. Sad times.

Where will my crappy photos of home made juice parties & Moo Dog Make Out Seshs live now?

Look, I am not creating the Mona Lisa with my Instagram. It just gets a little annoybawlz when you know that your stuff can be sold or purchased for the right price. I get that it happens, but I don’t have to like it. I have a lot to think about I guess.

Thanks, Sassy Gay Friend!

Could the internet be right about being angry? Maybe. I just think I will be using Instagram a lot less in the coming days. Hell, a lot of my social media stuff needs to take a break anyway. Is it really imperative that I check in at some show? Not really. Do you need to know my every thought on Twitter? Probz nope. It’s just fun I guess until it gets ruined.

King Kong NOOOOOO not the pwr cbls!

So, what’s really going on in this post? IDEK TBQH. I was going to talk about the #GladIMet trending topic on Twitter but then well, I talked about something else instead. I think those of you that read my posts are kind of used to that. If you’ve read this far, you are awesome and I love your face.

W8 4 it….

If I talk about that TT, then all the Instagram stuff I brought up will kind of be for not. Let’s talk about things that you said goodbye to this year. Did you say goodbye to crippling self doubt? Did you say adieu to some really gross shoes that you never wore because they didn’t go with any of your ensembles?

What things did you say goodbye to this year?