Hot Or Not? Lana Del Rey’s Mini Bouffant

Is it just me or did Lana Del Rey come out of nowhere, was suddenly everywhere, and now seems to only pop up here and there, looking a bit weirder every time? Okay so she actually came out of the Internet (which turned out to ACTUALLY be that she came out of a brilliant publicist) and “everywhere” really only extended to the fashion world, music blogs, and the occasional TV commercial, but here is a perfect example of her newly semi-skewed style. The singer popped up at the Camp Freddy residency (why? I don’t know) at The Roxy on Dec. 21 sporting a low-key look (jeans and a leather jacket) with a high-rise hairstyle (long flowly locks with a mini-bouffant on top). The whole thing was probably meant to be very “Leader Of The Pack” but for some reason her pouf is coming across as more Snooki than Shangri-La.

What do you think of Lana’s ‘do?


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