Gabbie Brown’s Top Albums and Eps of 2012

Grammy Nominations were last night and of course, I piled a list of what I thought was the BEST! There’s a lot that goes into making an EAR CANDY album and 2012 brought out the best of the best. This year in music, we saw artist and bands going back to old roots. But you had a handful that brought out a new vibe. So here are some of the most jawdropping, heartracing, musical deliciousness that stopped me dead in my tracks along with my Twitter Followers!

The Albums

Frank Ocean: Channel Orange

Frank came out of nowhere and just left an impact on the music world. The whole vibe of this record was new and competley different. Can’t wait to see what’s next for him.

Aerosmith: Music From Another Demension

The album where a band went back to there roots with a twist. You all know my love for Aerosmith. Steven’s voice never sounded better.

The Shins: Port of Morrow

Dear, The Shins. I think you’re fantastic and musically swoon worthy. This album was perfection! Every track was something else.

Taylor Swift: RED

Yes, I know. But what girl wouldn’t put this on there list. It was one of the top selling albums of 2012.

For King and Country: Crave

Aussie accents, my life put into an album. I still haven’t stopped playing this record. So much heart and pain. New band about to do some incredble things!

The EP’s

Sleeping With Sirens: If you were a movie, this would be your soundtrack

This was an EP that had the total package. The album artwork, song titles, lyrics and instrumental were just to die for. If I were to give this EP an award, it would be Most Creative.

Honor Society: Serendipity

Let’s just say this EP was EAR CANDY. The Bass, Synth, drums, guitar solo, haramonies, and vocal all meshed so perfectly. ‘House On The Hill’ left me replaying it atleast 5 times trying to figure out what I had just listened to. ” I can’t belive it was you who pushed me over”

Smoke and Jackal: EP NO 1

This EP fell into my lap at a perfect time. 3 am to be exact. One of those EPs were you just picture everything in your head. Seriously an amazing job from Kings Of Leon, Jared Followill and Mona’s, Nick Brown. Light candels and dance around in the dark to this one.

Daniel Rossen – Silent Hour/Golden Mile

I was taken back by this EP. A friend had brought this little gem up one night when we were discussing music. He said, ‘Gabbie, I feel this EP screams you.”. He was right, One of my favorites of 2012.

Can’t wait to see where 2013 will take us musically! Cheers!



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