Gabbie Brown’s 2013 Goals

The last week of December is usually me trying to come up with new goals for the next year. As much as I love the whole idea of New Years Resolutions, I’m much more of a make year round goals. I will be adding to the list as the year 2013 progresses. Here are my top 5 goals as I welcome in the next chapter of my life.

Blog More: I want to continue to expand my audience with my lovely BUZZNET blog. Post more and of course continue to interview bands. Maybe even become a blogger for a tour!

Be Happy: One of my main focuses for 2013 will be to stop worrying and enjoy each moment. I’m always stressed and I think this will be a great goal.

Travel More: I’m always looking to travel to new and old places. I hope to cross off some places on my bucket list.

Capture Moments: I bought myself a really nice DSLR earlier this year and I want to capture as many moments as I can (Even though I might look weird with a huge camera). I love photos and capturing people in the moment.

Try Something New: I want to contiue to open my mind to new things. Whether it be new foods or learning how to do something. I have a guitar that sits in my room and I of course think I know what I’m doing. Maybe I’ll start with some lessons.

Leave A Comment Below With A Goal Or Resolution Of Yours