Where you can find me!

Hello buzzers!I thought it was about time I let you know what other websites/social networking sites I use! So here they are! To make things easier, I’ve included click through links!

I’m not quite sure why I(and most of the world) enjoy writting what we’re currently doing in under 140 characters, but i’m always on twitter! Personally, I think it’s a great way to keep up to date with everyone and everything that’s going on! My username is ionlydatealiens
Tumblr is such a great website for inspiration (for me anyway) and I’ve had an account for quite a few years now. As i’m sure you know, every week, over the weekend, I post all my most recently liked pictures from tumblr, mostly they’re inspirational photos to me! You can find my tumblr at this address ionlydatealiens.tumblr.com

I’ve loved instagram since the begining! Who hasn’t? You don’t even have to have an instagram account to view my pictures! Now you can view it online, here! For all you other gramers that do have an account, you can follow me, my username is maisieejo
I’ve recently set up a new formspring account as it’s a really quick and easy way to ask me questions! You can follow me and ask my questions at this address formspring.me/missmaisiejo
I DO have a facebook account but it is solely for friends and family.

Currently, I do not own a store online, but I have a big project coming up! I’ll keep you posted!

I have an email adress at which you can contact me on, which is maisieejo@hotmail.com Feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions! I’m always happy to hear from you!