Festive Three For Free: Dead Sara, The Heartbreaks, Sufjan Stevens

As Christmas gets closer and closer,all of our bank balances begin to get smaller and smaller. At times like these giving up 79p to download a song can seem a lot (although some songs are certainly worth paying for). If you’re trying to pinch every penny possible but still want to update your festive playlist, here’s three free songs for you all to enjoy.

Merry Christmas, Buzzneters!

Dead Sara

Dead Sara‘s free download ‘Snow In Los Angeles‘ not only has a festive theme, but also has a family one too. Speaking to Rolling Stone, Emily Armstrong revealed that the inspiration came from her mother:

“My mom had the idea about us writing our own Christmas song. She brought up the idea a previous year also but I kind of laughed it off until I brought it up to the band to share the humor but instead it sparked interest…”

You can download ‘Snow In Los Angeles‘ for yourself as Rolling Stone’s featured ‘Free Song Of The Day‘.

Official links: Website, Facebook, Twitter, LISTEN LIVE ABOVE / DOWNLOAD HERE

The Heartbreaks

This season, The Heartbreaks haven’t found time to pen their own Christmas classic but they have tackled a familiar festive tune (which is just as difficult, if not more so). The band have covered ‘Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)‘ and, luckily for you frugal readers, it’s been available for free.

You can download their cover via SoundCloud and listen to the song below.

Official links: Website, Facebook, Twitter, LISTEN ABOVE / DOWNLOAD HERE

Sufjan Stevens

Think Sufjan Stevens. Think of his annual Christmas compilations. Think of rap. What? Yes, that’s right. Sufjan Stevens has tried so many Xmas songs that this year’s free album (or should I say mixtape?) features rap re-interpretations of ‘Chopped and Scrooged‘.

You can download the free release here.

Official links: Website, Facebook, Twitter, LISTEN ABOVE / DOWNLOAD HERE

Which is your favourite musical Christmas gift?