Best In Show: Internet Cat Party 2012

Oh 2012, where have you gone? Have you been swatted underneath the couch in the living room of my heart like some forgotten ball of yarn? Have you been brushed aside like so much Fresh Scoop from the litter box of my mind?

This year has come and gone at a strange leisure. Much like some back alley tom cat that has knocked over its last trash can in search of morsels, I search for meaning in the wasteland of this year, and I have come to find it in internet cats.

Perhaps I have been watching too many Henri videos. Perhaps I have not had enough time with Snoopy. Perhaps I should get this show on the road, lest you look upon me in contempt as though you have taken on the disposition of Tardar Sauce the Cat.

Without any further adieu or paws for self reflection, please enjoy some of my favorite internet cats from this year.

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