Well here we are getting though another Christmas, it was a bit tough this year because of that hurricane we had right before Halloween but I did get everything done on time for the Christmas holiday 😀

I think Mr.Potato Head had a bit too much to drink that night 😀

OH NO !!! We turned Patrick Star into some donuts 😀

Christmas Eve we watched the 1951 movie Scrooge in the B&W version. It has to be viewed that way to get the full vintage effect : )

I bought this church and house last year in the Salvation Army thrift store : )

Squirrels everywhere !! This one lives in my Christmas tree 😀

Spooky was my first cat as a married woman in the late 60’s this is her stocking from then I still put it under or on the tree every year : )

OH NO !!! More squirrels in my tree 😀

And a pack of vintage Coca Cola bottles, they’re new though and very drinkable : D

My antique ornament tree, I didn’t get very good photos of it this year though. All the ornaments were from my family collection from the late 30’s to the early 40’s : )

OH here we go again anther squirrel in the tree right next to Annie’s beautiful hand carved wooden Merry Christmas ornament 😀

My husband hunts for funny squirrel cards every year !! This year he found a good one 😀

On my list of albums I wanted this year was Green Day’s trio Uno, Dos and Tre and Bruno Mars new album, just ignore that pink thing it will be in the next photo 😀

Not that I have Monkey Butt but this powder should take care of that if I get it 😀

My new sewing machine, my old one still works perfectly but I thought I would upgrade. I haven’t opened the box yet hopefully this weekend : )

Hey how did you sneak in there 😀

My son’s girlfriend Allison makes the most delicious desserts. They have their own bee hives and that’s their own honey. She even made honey lip balms this year. Her and her father make the grape jelly : )

Here is PIXIE the Living Dead Doll out of her coffin along with Jack Skellington 😀

A closeup of PIXIE !! As her death certificate says she died on June 25th 1454 ……..

Stealing the souls of children

is all part of her game

She dresses up to lure them

into her secret domain

Devouring their innocence

one lost child at a time

This playful PIXIE doesn’t

even know it’s a crime ~

So here we are at the end and I leave you with a calming, peaceful place the Nativity and if you look very closely on the left side you will see someone is decorating their tree !!!!