The Buzznet Holiday Badge Is Here!

Happy Holidays, Buzznet!

In between my posts about the end of the world and whatever else I seem to be doing, I thought that it would be nice to spread the holiday cheer with all you fine people in the land of Buzznet. On the internet, as IRL, there is a lot to do in order to get ready for this most festive occasion. Hopefully getting ready for the holidays isn’t too bananas for you and you are well on your way to bringing all the yule tide to your home on the web.

Now that we are well into the most wonderful time of the year, let us talk about how you, yes you, can earn a snazzy badge that shows the world your allegiance to all things merry. You will need to tag anything you make that shows your holiday spirit with the tags “christmas” or “holidays.” You may use either. We aren’t picky.

I was going to make a new gallery for y’all to upload holiday decorations to, but that already exists. Help Haleigh get festive in this gallery here.

I will add Rudolfo in a bit. Everyone on Instagram was judging him 🙁

Also, the Buzznet Storytellers have a festive assignment that you all can take part in that can help you earn your badge:

How Do You Celebrate The Holidays?

And there you have it! Feel free to contribute to any of these two fabulous projects or create your own to earn the Holiday Badge. Just make sure to use the tags “Christmas” or “Holidays.” Let’s see how festive you all can get!