BUZZNET Exclusive: The Starting Line On ‘SILYMI’ 10 Year Anniversary Tour (VIDEO)

The Starting Line is in the midst of their ‘Say It Like You Mean It’ 10-year anniversary tour, and although they refrain from interviews these days (which they reminded me about after we talked) — they sat down for a special interview before their Dec. 16th show in Los Angeles.

Kenny Vasoli,Matt Watts,Mike Golla,Tom GryskewiczandBrian Schmutzall invitedBuzznet backstage at the House of Blues to discuss this special tour and what it has meant to them. Having the opportunity to talk to all of the guys about an album that left such a lasting impression on me was an honor. All the guys were welcoming, kind and a pleasure to chat with.

Enjoy this exclusive interview with The Starting Line. #musicrules.

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We will have more with The Starting Line coming your way tomorrow!

What bands would you want to see do an album anniversary tour?

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