BUZZNET Exclusive: Kevin Lyman On ‘Warped Roadies’, Paramore & More

Warped Tour 2013′s countdown has officially started. The summer tour has become synonymous with bands like Blink-182, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance and many more –but the new reality show Warped Roadies, give fans a different take on the rigorous tour. The tour’s founder and producer Kevin Lyman shared with us his why he decided to bring Warped Tour to the small screen, how he chooses the bands to perform each summer and what band has a special place in his heart.

Take a look the interview below. Be sure to watch Warped Roadies each Friday night on Fuse for the adventure and to see a new set of bands revealed for the 2013 lineup each episode.

You said in the first episode of “Warped Roadies” you love what Warped Tour stands for. What exactly would you say it stands for?

I feel that it has grown into a tour that gives ideas a chance to grow into reality. So many people have told me that they came with their friends to the Warped and then decided to start a band, a company or a non-profit organization after spending a day at Warped.. It also stands for a place that people can gather and put down their differences and form a community united by music.

What attracted you to the idea of showing the behind the scenes of Warped Tour, in a television series format?

It took me many years and many discussions with people to get comfortable with this. I think Magilla came in with the idea that they would be respectful of the Warped brand and really dig in to learn what the tour is about.

Any big moments you can give us a little heads up about coming on the show?

No, but at one point we all look like drowned rats.

Did you ever think the tour would become as big of an influence on music and culture has it has?

No. As I have said before I thought we might go out for a year and then I would become a school teacher.

You expanded to the UK this year, what are some other goals you have for the tour in the future?

We are very interested in doing more shows overseas in the next few years and going to places we used to go in the late 90’s.

What goes into choosing the bands that will play Warped Tour each year?

I spend two months just listening to music, meeting with people I respect in the business and reading information online from kids who always are willing to let me know who they want to see. I have made it a goal in the last three years to make the show as musically eclectic and diverse as possible and it seems to be working

What has been your favorite line up from the past summers.

Of course my roots are in punk so some of the earlier line-ups, but I don’t really book this tour for myself anymore. There will, however, always be some bands that I will go out of my way to see many times during summer. I’m very excited to bring a band called Strawberry Blondes over from the UK this year.

Who have been some of your favorite bands to watch over the years evolve from playing small stages to main stages?

Kid Rock played on the 1 ft. stage one summer and I just knew he would get huge, as well as Sugar Ray, My Chemical Romance and others… But my all time favorite would have to be Paramore.

Tickets for this year’s Warped Tour are on sale now!

Who has been your favorite Warped Tour band?