I couldn’t miss this assignment since Xmas is my favorite celebration of the year, I love the atmosphere, the lights, the domestic warmth, the await for opening the gifts and share a few days of full joy with family and closest friends.

I thought to share with you some of pictures shot along the last two years in my city and at home and I really hope you enjoy them!

This is the wonderful square at the sea of my city.

This photo has been shot two years ago, this year I didn’t have time to shoot pictures around my city because I’ve been pretty busy with Uni and other stuff, I’m so sorry about that, I hope to shoot some photos in the next days and share them with you apart from this assignment, it’s all blue in my city at the moment (lights, decorations and stuff), simply adorable!

This is the Xmas tree of my living room, my dad loves decorate it and it always seems like the trees you see in stores on in huge malls, it’s just perfect!

This is a little detail of the tree, the decoration on the left on the top (with the angel decoration) comes from Arizona just like the heart one with penguins on the right. My lovely friend Celine sent them, the heart one just this year and they are really original and handmade from Tucson, where she lives. It’s an ancient Chinese tradition, the decoration are decorated in the inner thanks the hole where then there’s the hook for hanging the decoration on the tree and I think they are amazing works of art!

Memories about Xmas? Well, there are a lot, especially of the past when we used to celebrate all together with my family and relativies, grandparents, uncles ect…

Of course life goes on and in a part some passed away and in another one really bad discussions brought to don’t talk with some of those people but my parents & I still celebrate in our way and had a lot of fun with friends and closest one (as the gang of my birthday, we are really close and they are part of my family)

Obviously I remember when I was young and I desperatly waited for Santa Claus and discover what he got me and all the huge smiles on my face every time I found out the gifts were what I wished for!

I really hope you appreciated this little blog and Happy Xmas!!!

Love xoxo