Bill & Tom Kaulitz @ Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar 2013 – Info Update #34

DSDS premiere is every day more near and every day there are even more news, updates, videos and report about this 10th season.

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Exclusive review of the anniversary season of “Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar”

Bill and Tom Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel became the judges in DSDS with Dieter and Mateo. After a difficult selection, twins went on the beautiful island Curacao, where they continue to look for talent, but even there the jury is somehow uncomfortable: “I don’t like to sit on the beach.”

Soon everything will be serious: January 5th, 2013 anniversary season of the casting show DSDS starts.

After two years, they again appeared in the public and are satisfied with the show. “For us, it’s very nice and cool to participate in the anniversary season,” – says Tom. Pop titan and permanent judge Dieter Bohlen says: “I think that this time the jury is much more interesting. They’re younger than me, so I’m curious how they will take everything.” But the jury don’t always agree. Bill: “I think that for the first time, opinions are mixed. We argue like crazy, but everything is clear and understandable…”

But this is not the only thing that worries Bill Kaulitz. Everything has changed. They were groaning under the sun and it is hard to keep cool then.

“It is very difficult to work in the sun. To be honest, I don’t really like to spend time at the beach.” However, as a member of the jury he had to do it.

New judges with the incredible force of will

The fact that the brothers are not accustomed to give up so quickly, they have already shown it in the show. Bill and Tom from the band Tokio Hotel are one of the most successful artists in Germany. Throughout the world, their concerts are accompanied by screams of the fans. Many months of their life were spent in airplanes, hotels, concerts and interviews, until they decided to take a creative break.

“We had five years of non-stop touring, but once the time came when we decided to take a break. We decided to do something else, and, above all, to find comfortable home. We never said we want to go home, it was impossible” – says Tom. During the break, they began to live a normal life. But the music is still an integral part of their lives. “Currently, we are working hard on a new album, and we are not in a hurry to release it.”

Meanwhile, the twins will be able to gain experience as a judges in the DSDS show. Which contestants compete in front of them, whether they agree with the opinion of Bohlen, you can all see from January 5th.


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