Bill & Tom Kaulitz @ Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar 2013 – Info Update #31

Neither Maya stopped reports, news and promo commercial for the 10th season of DSDS.

So let’s go with the updates!

Check out this funny promo where there are two metal lover:

Publicité pour “DSDS” avec Bill Kaulitz di Prinz16

While this one below has been just released:

Publicité pour “DSDS” avec Bill et Tom Kaulitz di Prinz16

#IN Magazine new issue has an amazing article about the twins, check out scans and interview:

“While one is hated, also is loved”

Tokio Hotel is loved and hated.

Since Bill and Tom Kaulitz (23) launched “Durch Den Monsun” in 2005 they were at the top of the charts and they divided the nation. Two years ago, they closed the door of Tokio Hotel, moved to Los Angeles and took a break. But not anymore. The twins celebrate their return on January 5 in RTL with Dieter Bohlen (58) in the DSDS jury -. the biggest talent show on German television, A big madness? Bill and Tom talked to “IN”.

IN: What made you want to take part on DSDS?

Bill: Definitely the format on “DSDS” because it is a show of traditional casting, which has a huge entertainment factor and the platform launches the artist towards a successful career. Steven Tyler, the Aerosmith frontman, sat on the jury of “American Idol” in the U.S. – the version that talks about quality format.

IN: Format in which each of you gets 500,000 euros.

Bill: (laughs) We do not talk about numbers. Our commitment is linked to certain conditions that mostly had to do with our work schedule.

IN: Were there any proposals from other programs?

Tom: For several years, we have eliminated almost all formats of musical talent for us. We’ve always had the idea of ​​doing that, but in the end, we fit never really. For us it was clear that if we participated in a talent show, it would be the largest and most successful one

IN: How is working with Dieter Bohlen?

Tom: Working with Dieter is totally relaxed. We did not know Dieter before and we wanted to confront with impartiality. We knew that we were dealing with the damage – if he knew us personally or not on the first day of shooting so we were neutral and we hit it! Even with Mateo.

IN: Bill, was in 2003 in the musical talent show “Star – Search” and they eliminated him in the second round. Should judges Alexandra Kamp, Jeanette and Hugo Egon Balder be judged for not recognizing his talent?

Tom: (laughs) Of course they should! With the decision to send home Bill, the jury of “Star Search” went completely to the toilet.

IN: You are living in L.A. for two years. Is a relaxed life for you?

Bill: Of course. This is also due to the circumstances. In Germany, everyone has seen us grow. Our puberty was seen in public, and we often felt like we were in the house of “Big Brother”.

IN: What are your experiences of friends in the superficial city?

Bill: Los Angeles can be really ego-driven. And we do not care. We moved to Los Angeles to work freely in the new music, and because our studies are there, where we produce. New friendships are generally difficult and this is probably the price of our success.

IN: Tokio Hotel is considered as a logo among other German bands abroad. Do you resent having to fight to be in your home country with hostility?

Tom: We have become accustomed. Now we see it in a pragmatic way. While one is hated, is also loved. And while you keep the balance, you can live. We can ignore, not read and not comment any bullshit. Living in Los Angeles, we have enough distance, which is good.

Bill: We’re not looking for on Google. So we do not read reviews or interviews, or I’d go crazy probably. We are totally protectionist and we have always been very self-critical in everything we do. To be really good, you must not lose your perspective, we know that there are people on the right and the left.

IN: Can you imagine returning to Germany?

Bill: I would not rule it out. We will always have a residence in Germany, for our family and friends.

IN: How are your links to home?

Tom: I feel at home, where I have my own four walls. If I have a house for a long time and my four dogs are there and the family is there, I feel at home quickly. I do not need anymore. Who knows and maybe in two years we move to a very different place. Bill and I always wanted to live in India.

IN: Tokio Hotel really can exist without their band mates Georg and Gustav?

Bill: The question is not for us. Tokio Hotel is impossible to break into pieces. We are a group of more than 10 years and especially we are close friends.

Tom: Tokio Hotel, is just in the constellation. Anything else is unthinkable!

And also TV DIGITAL magazine talks about DSDS:

“DSDS is the original”

New candidates, new presenters – and real Superstars in the Jury. The 10th season of “DSDS” (starts on 5th January, 8.15 PM on RTL) kicks off the new TV Season. There are 32,078 candidates competing over a record deal with universal and 500,000 €. “DSDS” starts with 7 casting shows, followed by the Recalls in Bad Driburg and Curaçao which will then lead into the Live Shows. The Tokio-Hotel-Twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz reveal why they are convinced of the success of “DSDS” in their exclusive interview with TV-Digital.

Why do you support “DSDS” in its anniversary year? Bill: Because “DSDS” is the most successful casting show, that offers a realistic start into the music business. It’s the original! Tom: All the other shows try to breathe new life into their formats by coming up with new ideas. But “DSDS” is the most successful format, especially when it comes to the artists success after “DSDS”. The success of winners of oter shows is never that big. Where else can you win 500,000 € and – practically – get a guarantee for a No. 1 Hit?

What is working, with Dieter Bohlen, like? Bill: Very good! This time the “DSDS”-Jury is made up of 4 active musicians. We’ll give the candidates some good advice.

What’s your favorite “Modern Talking” song? Tom: I don’t have one. And to be honest, I also don’t know that many. Bill: “Cheri, Cheri Lady” was a song of theirs. But that wasn’t really a hit during “our time”.

Which song would describe your attitude towards life best? Tom: “It’s my life” of course. (Bill & Tom laugh) Bill: No, there’s no specific song from other artists. Our own songs definitely describe our attitude towards life best.

In Germany, the feeling arose that you went into hiding in Los Angeles for the past two years. Why were you really there? Bill: We were in L.A. to work on our new Album, because we have a good foundation there – meaning: studios, producers and people we’ve been working with for a long time. Tom: Most people, when they think of L.A., think of glamour and hollywood. Both of those things weren’t crucial for our decision to work there. The working conditions were simply perfect and suited us the most. But theoretically we could have also ended up going to Chicago or San Francisco. Whoever connects my work in L.A. with the glamour life of hollywood is reading too much into our move.

Where are you going to live in the near future? Bill: We get bored pretty fast when we live in one place for a long time. And we like getting around. We feel comfortable living in L.A., but we could also imagine living somewhere else. It’s absolutely possible that we’ll be working from a different country by next year. Tom: I, for example, can very much imagine to live in India! It’s a big wish of mine: to emigrate to India for some time. It’s a country we haven’t been to yet. Our wish of going to India was actually sparked by hearing so many positive things about that country. I will definitely go on a motorbike trip across India.

Do you think that Casting Shows have a future? Bill: A lot of artists currently decide to join the Jury of a casting show, for example: Britney Spears, Steven Tyler or Mariah Carey. Insofar a new show-era is starting. Tom: The condemned live longer. I’m convinced that casting shows are currently reinventing themselves. Storybook careers are not the custom anymore, because there are fewer talent scouts around that offer unknown bands a record deal. That changed since we were discovered, we were incredibly lucky. The way out of this dilemma are casting shows. Where else can you get a No.-1-Hit and every now and then also global popularity? The americans have known that for a long time!

Apparently you’re fans of Angela Merkel… Bill: The policies of our federal chancellor are comprehensible. For me, Merkel is a popular figure. She conveys a kind of “Mother”-Syndrome – at least a little bit. With her, you have the feeling that you’re in good hands.

On which outstanding artists do you orient yourselves, who – would you say – is a role model? Bill: We’ve always liked Aerosmith. A band that started incredibly early and that’s still performing on stage – a legend that shaped generations with their sound.

When will your new Album be released? Tom: Not this year. Bill: There’s no specific point in time. We’ll release it when we feel that everything is perfect. One of these days someone will have to pry it out of our hands and say: “Okay, that’s enough!” But at the moment we’re still in the writing and producing process.

So the last question that’s left: How satisfied/happy are you with your life? Bill: Very happy. We fill our life with our passion for music. It’s very important to live in the here and now, without being “hunted” by new goals to achieve. When I look back to the things I did in the past, I can only say that I’m happy with everything. Tom: Happiness doesn’t depend on how the things go, but on your own attitude.

New promo, HAHAHAH

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Publicité pour “DSDS” avec Bill Kaulitz # 2 di Prinz16