Beauty Tested: BUZZNET Approved! Earthly Body Natural Skincare

With so many beauty products out on the market it’s nearly impossible to know what works and what doesn’t. Instead of spending all your cash testing out the latest tonics and potions, the staff at BUZZNET is here for you! We’ll be testing toiletries, make up, frangrances and every beauty product under the sun we think YOU might care about. We’ll give each product a rating 1 to 5 and include the honest truth.

Today we’re testing out Earthly Body: Dare to Be Bare Shave Cream.

Shaving is a necessary evil for most girls so we’re always curious to try new products to make the task a little less painful. Staffer Eavie is constantly talking about natural and organic products, so she volunteered to test out Earthly Body “Dare To Be Bare” shave cream. The product claims to soften hair and condition skin to avoid razor burns and bumps using natural ingredients. The verdict? A big Y-E-S! According to Eavie applying the cream was super easy and helped keep her legs smooth with a nice close shave. The lotion can clump in your razor a little bit so be sure to rinse.

This product is BUZZNET Approved with 4 perfume bottles!

Check Dare To Be Bare Shave Cream and other natural beauty products by Earthly Body products here!