Style Profile: Alison Mosshart

You know what’s cool about Alison Mosshart (besides all the everything)? The fact that no matter how fancy the event she happens to attend is, she still pretty much dresses exactly the same as she would on stage or in the street or laying in the gutter or whatever. As one-half of The Kills and one-somethingth of Dead Weather (I’m too lazy to go check how many members that band has) Mosshart has made her mark in music with her signature sexy, raspy voice and frenetic stage tendencies, but she’s also made an indelible impression in the fashion world with her devil-may-care attitude towards style. Mosshart dresses like a true rock star: slim pants, low-heeled boots, and plenty of leopard, fur, and flannel, her outfits almost entirely unchanged by her surroundings. In short, she’s my hero and if I could single white female her without any criminal ramifications, I probably would.

Here are some of her best outfits over the years. What do you think of Alison’s style?


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