10 Albums I Fell In Love With In 2012 (Best 10 Albums Of The Year)

There are tons of things to take into consideration when making these types “end of year” lists. What did well in album sales? What would other people agree with? Will I be judged for my choices? What was “cool” this year?

I can be honest on Buzznet, right? Well, honestly I decided to just pick 10 new albums I listened to over and over this year.

My best 10 albums of 2012 are the ones that opened my eyes (and ears) to something new and became the “soundtrack” to my year. The albums that I listened to late at night when I couldn’t sleep. The ones that I wanted to learn instantly on guitar and sing as loud as possible. The ones that I wrote the lyrics to on post-it notes to stick on my bedroom wall. The ones I had to share with friends as soon as possible so we could sing-along with them in the car together.

Basically, the albums I will love beyond 2012.

So here are the 10 albums I feel in love with this year, some more predictable than others. #musicrules.

Don’t be shy, comment and let me know what you think.

Enjoy them all here.

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