Winter Wedding Outfit

So I’m going to the wedding in Adare, Ireland next Friday (we flight out friday, wedding is on the Saturday!) and I’m sooooooo excited! It’s for an amazing couple called Helen and Ian. They work at my old job (where Ben still works) but really I met them through Ben because he’s been friends with them for a few years now. They’re really, really nice people and I love spending time with them both. Helen is the sweetest girl ever and Ian is just hilarious! They moved into a lovely house together last year and have great parties! They invited me to their wedding with Ben when we were still very newly together (which is amazing of them), but i’ve got to know them a lot better since. I thought i’d do a post showing what I’ll be wearing at the wedding because I’m super excited and have some amazing things to wear (all gifts which I’m really grateful for!). So the dress I’m wearing to the wedding (In a catholic church) and reception (at the beautiful hotel we’re staying at) is from Next. I saw it when I was looking for outfits after several months of searching, and loved it instantly. I printscreened it and sent a pic to Ben like I want to get this! Unfortunately though because of my money situation I realised I wouldn’t be able to afford it and decided to just wear something I already had. Ben didn’t know this but he decided he wanted to surprise me with the dress for my anniversary. He only had a screen print of it though so got Emma. R to investigate for him and find out where it is from and what size to get. He gave it to me for our anniversay and I was extremely happy and so so grateful! Here it is:

He also decided to get me a clutch bag to go with it and went with this one (which was on the same page of the Next website with my dress and I really liked also! Plus I wanted a clutch!). It is beautiful, soft suede. Here that is:I don’t have a picture of the shoes I am going to wear because I’ve had these for a few years. I looked online for the right ones and couldn’t find any. I did order one pair but they were too high and uncomfortable. Because it’s going to be in Ireland in the winter, plus a bit of walking and dancing and the fact the ceremony is in a catholic church, I wanted a thick heel and not crazy high. I couldn’t find anything that would be comfortable and practical for that so decided to go with a pair of shoes I’ve had for a few years that met all the criteria! Here is an example of pretty much what they look like:I was going to wear just a plain, short, black jacket (that I already own) over it all, but I went shopping with my mum the other day and we went into Wallis and I found the most beautiful fake fur jacket! I realised I needed it and it would go perfect for the wedding (plus keep me warm!) so my mum bought me it as an early christmas gift! I love it to bits and here it is:And finally.. lingerie. Because this is a special occasion, plus got to take advantage of having a hotel room to ourselves, I decided I wanted some new lingerie for the wedding day. On our shopping trip the other day my mum and I went into Marks & Spencers which is where I get most of my bras. I love their bra’s because they are really good with sizing. I am 34F and find it difficult to get bras that aren’t too expensive and fit well anywhere else. Ben doesn’t know about these so they are a special surprise for him. I don’t think the picture does it justice though. It’s a beautiful model but she is a lot skinnier than me, I am curvier with big boobs and hips, and softer arms, so you’ll just have to kind of use your imaginating about how it’ll look. Also I think the bottoms look less like big shorts on me, like smaller and more sexy than here. Here it is though:

So that’s it all. I’ll be getting tons of photos and when I do a post about how the wedding weekend went (I’m sure I will) I will add a photo so you can see how the outfit worked. I won’t put in a picture of me in my underwear though lol! I’m really excited to get photos with Ben. And he looks so bloody hot in a suit so that’s always a plus! I cannot wait!