Why Being An Artist In Poland Is So Hard??????

As I wrote I want to realized my dreams by being artist. Unfortunately I was born in wrong country. I dreaming about opened foundation for kids with problems.

And how going trying to be an artist: 1. Being songwriter isn’t possible here!!!!

I searched a place to send my unpublished lyrics but… we don’t have. I watched the program in TV about it a few days ago. Artists said that we don’t have “Publishing” what’s wrong and they called songwriters “the shadows”.

2. Writing to the portals or magazines. I feel like a little kid when I doing it. I sending message and next in my mind just please, please answer me but true is too horrible. Even I trying right now with magazines from UK or USA. They for sure will love my English mistakes.But if is about the portals, sometimes I wrote to one in Poland. One of the my articles(was about Kerli, Outcast Youth, WWO) was in an articles of the week. It was so amazing for me.

3. Contests are so cool but always is something.

My first contest was when I was 16. It was something for students in secondary school from the whole my country and my story was published. It was something fantastic but by bully I stopped write. I’m so sad by it because I don’t know if in future I’ll can to found myself in writing because I lost too much. Right now I want to write to the contest but is something what makes me angry.I need to send by post office but this is too expensive for me. Why the most incredible contest are by post office. We living almost in 2013!!!

What I have to do??

I don’t know and it made me sad.

Although I’m so happy that I’m here. I can write, put stuffs and gaining up.

Thank you for everyone,

Many love,