Did You Tune Into BAD25 On Thanksgiving?

I spent my Thanksgiving evening tuning into Michael Jackson’s Bad25 on ABC. Let’s just say I watched it 3 times after it aired. Me and MJ go WAY back. Growing up as a dancer most of my routiines included some sort of hit from the moon walking man. Then in High School for a broadcast project, me and my friend remade ‘Thriller’. Test me BUZZNET, I know every single MJ dance.

This was pretty much me during the whole program.

Anyways, I was just completely blown away by his impact on the music industry. Today’s artist spend so much time trying to sound like what is popular now. Michael spent his time trying to take it to another level. He was always reinventing himself and raising the bar. He was writting on his mirror’s the number of records he sold for motivation ( I need to start doing that).

I mean everything about him was ONE OF A KIND. His short films, dancing, vocal performance’s,all unique to him. Uniqueness is something the music industry is lacking. Everyone is so concerned with what will sell, that they all eventually sound the same.

I could literally spend hours talking about this special.

Let Me Know If You Tuned In For #BAD25 In A Comment Below.



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