Tour’s Over, We Survived!

We’ve spent three of the last four years away from home on Thanksgiving. As hard as that is to get used to, it’s made me appreciate the days that I do get to spend with my family more, as well as the ones with the band and crew. I feel privileged to spend the holidays with them, we’re a road family.

We had the day off in Baltimore on Thanksgiving. So, we booked a really nice hotel room that had a full kitchen and ordered a feast from Whole Foods. We even prepared it ourselves, we’re pretty much professionals. We took a quick break to go see the spectacular movie Lincoln then went right back for pumpkin pie and a round of my favorite holiday tradition, “Thankful Til The Bottle’s Gone.” Needless to say, I have a lot to be thankful for this year.

Over here at Team Summer Set, we are big fans of the end of tour prank. This year we pulled off my favorite one yet. We walked on stage for our last show in Towson, MD, and opened our set with a cover of All Time Lows, “Dear Maria.” All of them were watching side stage. It was PRICELESS, until All Time Low got us back. During all the breaks in our set, Alex, Rian, and co. would interrupt us with a tray of tequila shots. Instead of taking the tequila shots with us though, they took shots of beer. The guys would steal my microphone and thank us for being on the tour. Although they did this while pretending we were different bands, like We The Kings or The Ready Set. I surrendered,it was hilarious.

So the tour is over and we are off the road for the rest of the year. It’s time to finish album number 3. We couldn’t be more excited. It’s gonna be LEGEND-wait-for-it-DARY.

‘Til next time,

Brian Logan Disney Dales.