Tour Diaries: Brian’s Adventures At Disneyworld & 23rd Birthday Celebration!

I can’t believe this tour is ending in a week. It’s been amazing and I’m glad to have been back out on the road.

Orlando was the highlight of this past week. We had one of my favorite shows so far, at The House Of Blues. The performance was followed by a dance party on our bus til 6 am, complete with a lot of old friends. Shortly after the dance party ended, we had an 8 am wake up call for a day at Disneyworld. We spent 13 hours in the park and went to the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot Center. They even gave me a “Happy Birthday Brian” name tag. It was perfect. There’s no place I would have rather been. It was the best day off, ever.

Today I turned 23 and for my birthday I was given a show in New York City. Let’s make this something I’ll never forget.