Top 10 Become 8: The X Factor Eighth Live Show Recap [Episode 19]

November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, tonight we have another double elimination from 10 to 8.

The circle is closing.

Last night was such emotional and after a little recap about what’s happened we are ready to go!

X Factor gives a lot of opportunities: a $5 million contract with SONY and a Pepsi contract too for the winner but it’s also involved in social affairs and with BEST BUY helped Bancroft Middle School of Los Angeles to give to the choir an updated music room.

The 10 contestants made a surprise at the school and invited the choir at the show and together they performed on “Fix You”

But it’s time to come back to the competition, now the first of the two acts has to leave the show immediately and this is: Arin.

“This is not the last time we’re gonna see Arin” his mentor Britney says.

I wish him all the best for his career.

After special guest performance by Cher Lloyd, Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian announce, no in a particular order, the other contestants are going through the next live show and they are:

Diamond, Vino, Carly Rose, Fifth Harmony, Tate, Paige and Emblem3

So we have Beatrice vs. CeCe (it’s her second time at the survival)

Beatrice seems really really upset and she tries to keep the tears, poor little girl.

CeCe performs on “Because Of You”, I’m glad she’s coming back on the right path; while Beatrice sings “White Flag”

Now our judges have to say who’s gonna send home….

Obviously for Demi is Beatrice and for Britney is CeCe.

L.A. thinks both had bad and good night and it’s not easy but he choses Beatrice and also Simon has the same opinion: “I liked you in the beginning but I think it’s so much for you”

Beatrice breaks in tears, I’m really sad seeing her in this way! 🙁

Britney, Mario and Khloe try to comfort her during a little video about her X Factor journey along these months…

“Sweetheart, this is just the beginning for you!” says Britney.

And she’s right! Beatrice is young, talent and she has the whole life in front of her, I’m sure she will find her way!

Let’s see the rankings for this week:

1. Carly Rose

2. Tate

3. Vino

4. Emblem3

5. Diamond

6. Paige

7. Fifth Harmony

8. CeCe

I’m really really happy for Carly, she thanks Britney: “Thanks for to be the best mentor ever, I love you so much!”

I really think Carly, Tate and Vino are gonna through the final show…

Enjoy the whole episode:

The X Factor USA – Episode 19 – S2 [11.22.2012] di BBCTheVoiceuk1

What do you think about Beatrice elimination?

Are you agree with you US rankings?